CPUEST for B.Tech


Credit Based Learning

Education at Career Point Institutions is organized around the semester-based credit system of study. The prominent features of the credit system are a process of continuous evaluation of student’s performance/progress and flexibility to allow a student progress at an optimum pace suited to his/her ability or convenience, subject to fulfilling minimum requirements for continuation. A student is allowed to attend classes in a course and earn credit for it, only if he/she has registered for that course. A student’s performance/ progress is measured by the number of credits that he/she has earned, i.e. completed satisfactorily. At Career Point you will get an opportunity to design your own course. There is flexibility in selecting courses which will enable a student to go for minor degree based on the credit requirements and programme regulations.

Inter-disciplinary & Flexible Curriculum

In this system, while a student is pursuing chosen department he/she can do courses from the other departments also as per their interest.

Industry Integration:

At CPU, T&P department is an integral part. T&P functions to ensure the best placements for the students graduating from Career Point Institutions of Higher education. Spearheaded by able training and placement co-coordinators under the guidance from the top management and faculty members, Department of Training & placement works round the year and closely coordinates with recruiting teams from leading corporate houses to make sure that all students get suitable openings once they finish their course.

Major-Minor Field of Study

Career Point institutions are among very few institutes of India which follows Major-minor pattern of study. Students are encouraged to opt courses from other department as part of their elective courses. Once student earns a pre-determined number of credits from other department he/she will be awarded a minor degree in that department along with major degree in his/her parent department For example: A student who is pursuing his/her & B.Tech. in electronics Engineering can register for some predetermined credits from Computer Science department.

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