CUET 2022

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Two Degrees

Chance to pursue two Academic degrees simultaneously as approved by UGC/Govt. of India

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Sr.No. Name Designation Qualifications
1 Prof. (Dr.) M.R. Sharma Professor (CE) Ph.D
2 Dr. Neeraj Kanwar Assistant Professor (CE) Ph.D
3 Er. Gaurav Assistant Professor (CE) M.Tech
4 Er. H.P. Singh Adjunct Faculty M.Tech
5 Er. Arvind Verma Adjunct Faculty M.Tech
6 Dr. B.S. Mehta Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
7 Dr. Chandan Kumar Associate Professor (CSE) Ph.D
8 Mr. Gandharv Singh Parmar Assistant Professor (CSE) MCA, M.Tech
9 Mr. Vinod Sharma Assistant Professor (CSE) MCA, M.Sc (IT)
10 Mr Amit Kumar Assistant Professor (CSE) M.Tech
11 Ms Vinesh Kumari Assistant Professor (CSE) M.Tech
12 Ms Shivani Assistant Professor (CSE) M.Tech
13 Mr Ravinder Singh Assistant Professor (CSE) MCA
14 Mr Anshul Thakur Assistant Professor (ECE) M.Tech
15 Ms Monika Sharma Guest Lecturer (CSE) M.Tech
16 Mr Ashish Kumar Dogra Guest Lecturer (CSE) M.Tech
17 Ms Manju Bala Guest Lecturer (CSE) M.Tech
18 Er. Rahul Jamwal Guest Lecturer (ME) M.Tech
19 Er Shashi Kant Thakur Guest Lecturer (ME) M.Tech
20 Er Rishi Sharma Assistant Professor (ME) M.Tech, Ph.D pursuing
21 Dr. Sudarshan Kumar Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
22 Dr. Naveen Thakur Professor (Physics) Ph.D
23 Dr. Indu Sharma Associate Professor (Physics) Ph.D
24 Dr. Rajender Kumar Associate Professor (Physics) Ph.D
25 Dr. Bindu Sharma Associate Professor (Physics) Ph.D
26 Mr Munish Kumar Teaching Associate (Physics) M.Sc
27 Dr. Abhishek Kumar Shrivastava Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
28 Dr. Khalid Mujasan Batoo Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
29 Dr Dinesh Pathak Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
30 Dr. Yogesh Kumar Walia Professor (Chemistry) Ph.D
31 Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Associate Professor (Chemistry) Ph.D
32 Dr. Ajay Sharma Associate Professor (Chemistry) Ph.D
33 Dr. Rahul Sharma Assistant Professor (Chemistry) Ph.D
34 Dr. Asha Kumari Assistant Professor (Chemistry) Ph.D
35 Dr. Sanjit Kumar Mahato Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
36 Prof . K.L. Verma Professor (Mathematics) Ph.D, Post Doc
37 Dr. Shilpa Sood Associate Professor (Mathematics) Ph.D
38 Ms Raksha Chandel Teaching Professor (Mathematics) M.Phil
39 Mr Rahul Sharma Teaching Professor (Mathematics) M.Sc
40 Ms Nishu Kumari Teaching Professor (Mathematics) M.Sc
41 Ms Archie Thakur Teaching Professor (Mathematics) M.Sc, Ph.D u/s
42 Ms Diksha Sharma Teaching Professor (Mathematics) M.Sc, Ph.D u/s
43 Dr. Sameer Assistant Professor (Mathematics) Ph.D
44 Dr. V.P. Kaushik Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
45 Dr. Arti Jamwal Assistant Professor (Botany) Ph.D
46 Dr. Hem Chander Associate Professor (Botany) Ph.D
47 Ms Manu Vineet Sharma Assistant Professor (Botany) M.Phil, Ph.D (u/s)
48 Dr. Gulshan Kumar Assistant Professor (Botany) Ph.D
49 Dr. Priyanka Assistant Professor (Botany) Ph.D
50 Dr. Parsuraman Nagappan Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
51 Dr. Younis Ahmed Hajam Assistant Professor (Zoology) Ph.D
52 Dr. Shailja Kumari Assistant Professor (Zoology) Ph.D
53 Ms Sonika Kumari Assistant Professor (Zoology) M.Phil, Ph.D(u/s)
54 Ms Prem Lata Assistant Professor (Zoology) M.Sc, NET
55 Prof. Arundeep Ahluwalia Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
56 Dr. O.P. Agarwal Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
57 Dr Anupam Manhas Associate Professor (Law) Ph.D, NET
58 Dr. Shashi Punam Associate Professor (Sociology) Ph.D, Post Doc
59 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Assistant Professor (Marketing & Humanity) Political Science Ph.D
60 Mr Amandeep Nadda Assistant Professor (Law) LLM, Ph.D (u/s)
61 Dr. Shashi Bhushan Assistant Professor (Law) Ph.D
62 Dr. Manu Sharma Assistant Professor (Law) Ph.D ,NET
63 Mr Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor (Law) LLM, Ph.D (u/s)
64 Ms Naina Sharma Guest Lecturer LLM
65 Dr. Saurabh Kumar Associate Professor (English) Ph.D
66 Prof. O.P. Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
67 Shri O.P. Sharma Adjunct Faculty LLM
68 Dr. Anjay Kumar Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
69 Dr. Shyam Agarwal Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
70 Dr. Pinky Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
71 Prof. Rakesh Kumar Mishra Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
72 Prof.(Dr.) H.R. Sharma Dean Academic Affairs Ph.D
73 Dr. Sanjay Thakur Professor (Management) Ph.D, NET
74 Dr. Jyoti Thakur Associate Professor (Management) Ph.D
75 Ms Shivali Rathor Assistant Professor (Management) MBA, NET
76 Dr. Karan Thakur Assistant Professor (Management) Ph.D
77 Dr. Susheel Kumar Assistant Professor (Management) Ph.D, NET
78 Dr. Sushil Chauhan Assistant Professor (Management) Ph.D
79 Dr Vineet Kumar Assistant Professor (Hotel Management) Ph.D
80 Mr Abhishek Pathak Assistant Professor (Hotel Management) BHMCT, MTA
81 Mr Rohit Kanwar Assistant Professor (Hotel Management) BHMCT, MHMCT
82 Mr Akhsey Dehal Assistant Professor (Hotel Management) M.Sc
83 Mr Mohit Attri Assistant Professor (Hotel Management) M.Sc
84 Mr Akshay Thakur Teaching Associate (Hotel Management) MTTM
85 Dr. Priyanka Kaushal Assistant Professor (English) Ph.D
86 Dr. K.R. Bharti (IAS Retd) Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
87 Dr. T.R. Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
88 Brig (Retd) K.V. Singh Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
89 Dr. Himesh Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
90 Col (Retd) S.D. Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
91 Dr. Kaushal Kumar Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
92 Shri Avtar Chand Dogra Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
93 Dr. N.S. Chauhan Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
94 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Associate Professor (Pharmacy) Ph.D
95 Mr Poonam Dogra Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) M.Pharm, Ph.D u/s
96 Ms Anjana Devi Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) M.Pharma, Ph.D (u/s)
97 Ms Shikha Atteri Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) M.Pharma
98 Ms Babita Patial Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) M.Pharm, GPAT, Ph.D u/s
99 Dr. Kamal Jeet Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) Ph.D
100 Dr. Gajender Singh Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) Ph.D
101 Ms Priya Darshani Assistant Professor (Ayurveda) M.Pharm
102 Ms Sneha Kumari Guest Lecturer (Pharmacy) B.Pharma
103 Ms Kiran Thakur Guest Lecturer (Pharmacy) M.Pharm, Ph.D u/s
104 Ms Rajni Devi Guest Lecturer (Pharmacy) M.Pharm, Ph.D u/s
105 Ms Kanika Pathania Guest Lecturer (Pharmacy) M.Pharm
106 Dr. Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor (Microbiology) Ph.D, NET
107 Dr. Shikha Kumari Assistant Professor (Microbiology) Ph.D
108 Kumari Shalini Assistant Professor (Microbiology) M.Sc, Ph.D(u/s)
109 Dr. Manu Sharma Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
110 Dr. S.K. Sharma Adjunct Faculty M.D, Ph.D
111 Prof. (Dr.) Rup Lal Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
112 Prof. Ranjit Singh Adjunct Faculty Ph.D
113 Dr. Siya Bihar Saran Adjunct Faculty Ph.D