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Hindi Samiti

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Learning Hindi can be equated with learning Indian languages. The Hindi Samiti club aims to develop analytical and creative thinking. It offers students ample opportunities to increase their knowledge about writers/literary figures and classics and showcase their own work. Students develop interest in reading, writing and enjoy taking part in debates and quiz. 

It identifies an opportunity and talents in the students and utilising them to the extent. Club promote Hindi Literature and provide a platform to Hindi speaking students to showcase their literary skills. We conduct various events with Hindi being the medium that prove to be an epitome of creativity. There's hardly any area where we haven't left a mark. When it comes to social awareness, we embrace it with full responsibility.

  1. To inculcate a sense of pride about an Indian language and understand the importance of our Rashtra Bhasha – Hindi.
  2. To develop students’ literary skills in Hindi through a series of enjoyable events and activities.
  3. To gain confidence to speak publicly in front of an audience. 
  4. To create interest in students for the language and to encourage their creativity in oral and writing skills.
  5. Exposure to classical Hindi language and literature.


S. No. Activity Name Activity Date Student Coordinator Name Session
1 Muhavare aur lokoktiyan 07-04-2018 Aman Chandel 2017-18
2 Kahani or Kavita lekhan 13-10-2018 Amrita Sharma 2017-18
3 Vad vivad pratiyogita 17-09-2018 Rajeshwer Sharma 2017-18
4 Hasya ras kavi samelan 06-07-2019 Himalya Vashisht 2018-19
5 Hasya ras kavi samelan 13-09-2020 Praneet Mishra 2019-20
6 Kavi Sammelon 11-10-2020 Praneet Mishra 2019-20
7 Kahani or Kavita vachan 07-11-2020 Praneet Mishra 2019-20
8 Ashubhashan 11-09-2021 Shubham Suman 2020-21
9 Kavi Sammelon 19-03-2022 Shubham Suman 2021-22
10 Vad vivad pratiyogita 05-03-2022 Shubham Suman 2021-22
11 Blog Lekhan Pratiyogita 19-02-2022 Shubham Suman 2021-22


  1. Shubham Suman                                            2. Abhishek Gupta 

B.Sc.-B.Ed. (Science&Maths)                          B.Sc.(Hons.), Agriculture

  1. Priyanka Gangwar                                           4. Abhay Nihalani

           B.Sc.-B.Ed.(Maths)                                            B.Sc.-B.Ed.(Maths)


Rules for ashubhashan

  • All the interested participants can fill their entries through google form
    Click Here
  • Topic will be given on the spot.
  • Content should be in Hindi language.
  • 5 minutes will be given to present.
  • Judgment criteria depend on your performance and presentation
  • Using of English words will deduct marks.
  • Final decision will be given by judges.
  • 8. Marks will be awarded on the basis of content.
  • If student unable to speak 60 sec. he/she will disqualify, no marks
    will be awarded.
  • On-spot participations will not be entertained.

Hindi Samiti Club Activity (वाद -विवाद प्रतियोगिता)    24 Sep.2022.

Download Vaad Vivad Notice

Hindi Club Activity (कवि-सम्मेलन)17 Sep.2022 : -  Click Here