Skill & Employability Enhancement Program (SEEP)

Each student at Career Point Institution undergoes through SEEP. This program includes various courses focusing on Personality Enhancement, Employability Enhancement Job Specific skills development and Soft Skills Development (like Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Interview techniques, Public Speaking etc.). This ensures our graduates possessing a right blend of knowledge, skills and attitude to be successful.

(1) Communication Skill & Personality Development

Students are asked to give presentation of their project very often to enhance their communication and presentation skills. They prepare notes, search information, analyze it and present it in effective manner using audio visual aids

(2) Life Skills & Managerial Skills Development

(i) Live Projects:

Whatever you learned in classrooms if given opportunity to experience in real world environment then the effectiveness of learning enhances manifold. It not only clarifies the concepts of an individual but also helps them to build solutions to real life problems.

(ii) Live Management Project

Developed Small Business Units
The students from the Department of Management Studies have been given a project related to preparing a live business venture. They are divided into groups of 6-10 members and created small business ventures like coffee shop, Small restaurant, Snack bar, Shop for sweet etc . Students have prepared a detailed report of their seven days of working along with profit and loss statement.

(iiii) Live Technical Projects:

  •  Hybrid Car

    Project Students of 2nd year B.Tech from Electrical and Mechanical branch jointly accept a challenge to design, conceptualize and execute a model of Hybrid Car that can run on Battery, Kerosene and Petrol. They have built the car using scrap material with a mix of battery, engine and other accessories.

  •  Go Kart by CPU Teams

    Elite karting 2015 (EK-15) is a Go-kart designing and racing platform which gives an opportunity to ambitious young students whether graduating and under graduating. Career Point's students of Automobile Club having 15 members team each with the name Kota Colon & Turbo heads make it to finals after being selected on the basis of their concept, design and innovation.

  •  Practical Workshops and Case Studies : Hands on experience

    Conduction of Workshops on Robotics, Android app and cutting edge technologies are part of extracurricular activities. The students are getting ample opportunities to gather information about various types of Robots, New Software's and technical innovations through these workshops. Students are getting hands on experience to develop the same as working model to understand the working principle and concepts in a better way under the guidance of industry experts.