School of Education

School of Education

At Career Point School of Education, we understand and appreciate the importance of "LEARNING TO FUNCTION AS A TEACHER" module for an effective 4 -Year B.Sc. B.Ed., MA in Education and Ph.D in Education Program.

The 4-Year B.Sc. B.Ed. course aims at a complete development of the student teacher; particularly knowledge and skills, in individual care of the learner and also in the methods and evaluation designed to facilitate learning.

"LEARNING TO FUNCTION AS A TEACHER" module will take the form of shorter period of attachment with schools for school experience and teaching assistantship and another of a longer duration for block teaching. Our student-teachers also complete a one-year service-learning project which helps to develop the holistic person in the student-teacher.

Apart from regular internship in leading schools/ Educational organisations of the country, there will also be an intensive focus on classroom teaching where leading practitioners from across the country will interact with our B.Ed teachers. The intensive modules with renowned academicians and industry experts will be spread across the 4 years.

Aims & Objectives

  • To undertake research in the field of teaching learning process, models and technology
  • To organize Orientation programs, Training workshops and Refresher courses for all categories of teachers
  • To provide inputs for Curriculum Development for bridging Industry-Academia gap
  • To enhance and equip the teachers knowledge of modern teaching technology

Academic Partnership

Career Point Gurukul and Global Public School is an ecosystem where intellect evolves the application and potential becomes performance. The schools are located in the Kota. The both the campus is spread over 10 acres of land and is positioned as one of the premier schools of North India.

CIS is accredited to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. This advanced comprehensive program of study offers an integrated approach to learning across disciplines with an emphasis on meeting challenges in a global and technology – enabled society. Teaching is individualized and responsive to the talents of each student and the rigorous curriculum integrates the concepts and skills embedded within the major disciplines.

School of Education

Program Offered

Career Opportunities

After completing the course, one has access to multiple job opportunities in government and private sector as well as starts their own startup.

The prime recruiters are:

  • Government Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Coaching Institutes

Labs Facilities

For seeking outstanding performance of an individual student in all area and at all levels we have established highly- technically advanced labs .All labs are equipped with machines and instruments to meet the requirement of UG and PG course Curriculum as well as research & development work being under taken by students and faculty.


Botany Lab: Botany lab is well equipped lab in Department of botany where students get to learn about many type of experiments such as chromatography techniques, soil analysis, phytopathological studies, microbiological studies, physiological experiments, cytological studies, morphological and anatomical studies of bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperm and microbes, Taxonomic studies of monocot and dicot plant materials, culture of microbes, centrifugation etc.All the experiment is designed in such way that the student is able to learn about a complete work and understood the fundamental principle in botany.

Zoology Lab: Zoology lab is well equipped with all necessary facilities for higher studies. The equipments are based on the latest technology. Practical work involves building knowledge of both the structure of different kinds of animals and how they function, and the complex relationships that govern how animals relate to each other and their surroundings. Zoology also provides fundamental information on three areas of our society, the environment, food production and human health. The high tech lab highlights the major concerns of modern zoology in relation to environmental and medical biology, and introduces the young scientists to cell biological and other analytical techniques, fieldwork and computer-aided data handling procedures. Some important practicals covered during the session may be mentioned as Dissection of Animal, Permanent slide preparation ,embryological physiological & cytological experiments, Study of bones, pests, insects & plant, nematodes & edible fishes & parasites, counting of blood cells, study of ecosystem, immunology, biotechnology, animal bahaviour, toxicology. Laboratory has a good arrangement of equipments like Microscope, Hemoglobinometer, ph meter, Colorimeter, haemocytometer, Centrifuge , Incubator, Microtone etc.


Chemistry Lab: Chemistry Lab is well equipped lab with all modern amenities where students get to learn about many type of experiments physical experiments such as viscosity, pH, conductance, proximate analysis of coal and flash and fire point determination of lubricating oil, all types of titrations and inorganic and organic quantitative analysis. All the Experiment is designed in such way that the student is able to learn about a complete experiment work and understood the fundamental principle in chemistry.


Physics Lab: Physics Lab is well equipped lab in Department of physics where Students get to learn about many type of experiments such as coupled oscillator ,Dispersive power of prism ,wavelength measurement of light, Angle of specific rotation of light, measurement of Planck's constant, and L-C-R ,and Direct and alternating current circuit related experiments. All the Experiment is designed in such way that the student is able to learn about a complete experiment work and understood the fundamental principle in physics.

S.No EPID Name Designation Department Contact No. Official Email ID Details
1 4721 Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dean Basic and Applied Sciences 9414279960 7014842573 Details
2 4074 Dr. Anita Singh Associate Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 8209180828 Details
3 4102 Dr. Meenakshi Thakur Associate Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 8859651234 Details
4 4070 Dr. Surabhi Singh Associate Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 9752542599 Details
5 5348 Dr. Babulal Swami Associate Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 9891727301 Details
6 5389 Dr. Erum Gull Naz Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 8094092100 Details
7 4136 Mr. Ashish Jain Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 9252410284 Details
8 4084 Mr. Bujhbal Singh Parihar Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 9460852528 Details
9 3400 Mr. Chandra Prakash Samar Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 9462729686 Details
10 4667 Mr. Krishna Murari Malav Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 8696862890 Details
11 5189 Mr. Luv Gupta Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 7737256649 Details
12 4172 Ms. Nasreen Ansari Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 7877940065 Details
13 4664 Mr. Pankaj Khandelwal Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 9782579036 Details
14 5498 Mr. Jitendra Kumar Tiwari Associate Professor Education 7014193308 Details
15 4728 Ms. Surabhi Chittora Assistant Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 7597976105 Details
16 5572 Dr. Vivek Kumar Jain Associate Professor Basic and Applied Sciences 8824670200 Details
17 50038 Mr. Idrish Mohammed Lab Incharge Physics Lab 9166770131 Details
18 5326 Mr. Ajay Nagar Lab Incharge Botany + Zoology Lab 96721-14833 Details
19 5399 Shrawan Dan Charan Lab Instructor Chemistry Lab 6377967771 Details

Department Activities

Webinar : Educational Tools & Online Learning during the COVID19 Pandemic

Wildlife Week Celebration 2020

School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Career Point University, Kota aimed to focus the “Issues and Opportunities of Nature and Wildlife Conservation” organized a Webinar on Thursday, 1st October 2020. This webinar explored different perspectives of flora and fauna and awareness about nature and wildlife conservation which is important to maintain sustainability in the ecosystem, in the prevailing era of the climate crisis in the Wildlife Week Celebration 2020 (1st October to 7th October 2020).

Spectroscopic Techniques and Applications

Career Guidance and Counselling Session’21

To guide and/or counsel B.Sc. Final year (Biology and Mathematics) B.Sc.B.Ed.IVth (Bio and Maths) students for pursuing Master’s program at Career Point University, Kota. During this session, students get exposure to the curriculum of Master’s program carried out at Career Point University, Kota. Detailed counseling session will be scheduled where students can clear their queries related to the academics and admission from the faculties of the School of Basic and Applied Sciences.

Other Activities

Academic Achievements

School of applied science is dedicated for quality education and focus on research and students of various courses are taking part in this research and area of research is directly associated with health of commen man and benefit for society. Few research papers of students published in various national and international journals are as follows.

  • Ankit Yadav: qualified IIT JAM in Chemistry 2019-20
  • Pawan Nagar: MSc Botany Final year selected in RPSC II Grade Science Teacher in 2019
  • Mansa Ram Meena: MSc Physics Final Year (2018-19) qualified CSIR-UGC NET – Dec.2019 in Physical Science
  • Ayush Meena: MSc Chemistry (Final) 2019-20 Selected In LDC GRADE II Rajasthan Staff Selection Board
  • Suraj Singh Thakur: qualified IIT JAM in Chemistry 2018-19
  • Pooja Meena: MSc Zoology Final Year (2018-19) Selected in RPSC II grade teacher in 2019
  • Himalaya Vashishth: participated in national conference on smart cities: Feasibility, usefulness and applicability in India and present presentation on topic solid waste management- A burning Issue held in MAIIT on dated 22-23 February 2017.
  • Mridul Jain: Physico chemical analysis of ground water of Ramganjmandi tehsil of Kota district and their statistical interpretation IJSR, 4 (4), April 2015, ISSN No. 2277-8179.
  • Mridul Jain: Analysis of water quality of RIICO industrial area Ranpur Kota and their statistical interpretation Rasayan J. Chem. 8 (1), Jan-Mar 2015, ISSN No. 0976-0083.
  • Rajat Srivastava & Mridul Jain: Waste water treatment techniques with special reference to Kota city IJSR, 5 (5) May 2015, ISSN No. 2277-8179.
  • Naved Khan: secured first position in north zone for creating design in MAAC
  • Aditya Soni: student B. Tech I year working as website developer for reputed Pandya group of construction