CPUEST for B.Tech

Teaching & Learning

Research into higher education suggests that students learn best when they are actively participating, whether that be through focused listening, discussion, problem-solving, or explaining to others. The teaching and learning at CPU encourages independent critical thinking and analysis, assessing you not only on your academic knowledge but also on skills that employers value, such as how to work as part of a team, make presentations, and tackle problems creatively.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the education we provide. All subjects are taught by experts as per the latest industry requirements, ensuring that outdated techniques are eliminated from the course content. Practical skills are a vital part of any course, and it is important that the laboratory and project work should integrate well with the taught courses. As such, not only laboratory experience but also individual and team project work are given a high priority during the teaching and learning at CPU.

All the courses at CPU are designed as per the needs of the industry to ensure you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for your chosen career.

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