In-House training in Data Science, Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Students Detail

"Ample Career Opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science"

Corporate Experts are imparting training in in-house training of CPU’s Computer Science and Engineering Department.

CPU is providing admission in B.Tech (CS) with specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud Computing from this session.

In-house training program run by the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Career Point University (CPU), Kota the corporate trainer revealed various career prospects in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. He has shared detailed information about many new technologies which will be the base of next gen in future.

Program coordinator Mr. Mohneesh Vidyarthi said that the Corporate Trainer Mr. Amit Mishra and Umang Kejriwal are providing training to B.Tech, Computer Sc. students in this summer camp. The purpose of this training program is to keep updating students in this era of technology so that they can move forward to better careers. Trainer Amit Mishra imparted detailed information about data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. So far, students have been trained in many important technologies such as supervised and unsupervised learning in machine learning, preparation of data, data cleaning, pre-processing of data, artificial neural network, deep learning. Mr. Mohnish said that during this training, with the help of new technology students will be able to predict the event of fire in the forest, weather forecast, detection of sugar level in the body etc. This allows taking right steps on time. Not only this, coding being done in machine learning such that any questions on the computer screen will also get the answer. Expert Amit Mishra, while explaining about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, said that not only the well-known companies in the country but also the governments have a focus on AI. Graduates in Computer Science can do Masters in AI.

On this occasion faculty Dr. Surendra Yadav, Mr. Parth Vidyarthi and Mr.Rohit have also shared important information. The 45-day program will run till July 15. Mr. Mohnish further stated that students from this session will be able to get admission in BTech (CS) with specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data, Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud Computing from this session in CPU.