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Aditya Birla Group For M.Sc Chemistry Students

Virtual Placement Drive of Aditya Birla Group | For-M.Sc Chemistry Students

Industry: Grasim Industries Ltd. (Aditya Birla Group)

Business: Pulp & Fibre Business

Set up: Manufacturing Unit

Location: Nagda (M.P.)

Requirement: Msc. – Chemistry (Recently qualified) with 1st Division marks Category: In order to promote gender diversity, Female candidates are first preference

About Grasim: Pulp & Fibre Grasim is India’s pioneer in VSF — a man-made, bio-degradable fibre that is fast emerging as a sustainable alternative to cotton. A versatile fibre, VSF is used in apparel, home textiles, dress materials, knit wear and non-woven applications. Our Birla Cellulose range of fibres can be used in their original form or can be blended with all-natural and synthetic fibres for enhanced comfort and feel. Starting production in 1954 at our Nagda facility, the business has grown steadily over six decades. The Pulp & Fibre Business derives its competitive edge from its integrated business model, with captive raw materials – dissolving grade wood pulp, caustic soda, carbon-disulphide, power generation and steam.

Job Description: Quality Control -Inspection & Testing

  • To coordinate with stores for sampling of the Raw Material & Process department for sampling of Intermediate stage samples, Final product samples, Environment samples, Coal samples and effluent samples.

  • To analyse & test Raw materials, Intermediate samples, Final Product samples, Finish Product samples, Environment samples & Effluent samples as per standard test procedure.

  • Accurate & timely reporting to the concerned and entry in SAP & LIMS for the approval of raw material/Final Product in SAP and for FPY report generation.

  • Ensure standard operating conditions to be maintained during sampling & testing of VSF as well as special or experimental samples.

  • Ensure conformance of product quality to specifications, if not, inform to DH/SH.

Note- Interested students can share their Resume on – shubham.nayak@cpur.edu.in

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