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School of Computer Applications & Technology

The objective of the school is to impart quality education in the field of Computer Applications. The school has modern facilities for teaching, learning and research. The school offers a wide array of research opportunities and programs of study at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It provides a stimulating academic environment encompassing best of modern pedagogy, industry-relevant curriculum, delivered by competent faculty having impressive academic and research credentials. The school has the ideal teaching-learning environment and follows continuous evaluation system.

The curriculum offers a wholesome coverage of technical subjects and specializations in programming, web applications, mobile app development and networking. It is further strengthened with practical, projects and industry training. The courses in Computer Applications, not only aim at conceptual and technical aspects of computer technology and applications, but also focus on the overall development of personality of individual students, to perform successfully across culture and team.


To foster an environment that imparts holistic education to ignite an inquisitive mind, inculcate the skills to achieve excellence, realize the nuances in research, seek and deal with challenges and carve out a niche for self.


  • To empower students to unleash their potential to leverage their professional standards through academics and ethics thereby elevating their caliber to be the change.
  • To imbibe a scholarly culture through research and creative endeavors that accelerate the phenomena of giving back to society.
  • To synergize collaborations that strengthen the expertise to build a dynamic intellectual capital.
  • To improvise an inclusive learning environment blended with the enhanced process of education through the use of emerging technologies.
  • To build resilience, sensitivity, and critical thinking culminating in a strong personality through a conducive teaching-learning environment.

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Over the years, Career Point University has earned several accolades for playing a dynamic
role in elevating research and the learning process of the institution.

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The computer application community thrives on diversity, encompassing a dynamic range of individuals with varying backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. This rich tapestry includes students, researchers, educators, and professionals, all contributing to a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and learning. The diverse community fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration, encouraging the exchange of ideas that lead to groundbreaking solutions and advancements in technology. We are producing professionals with strong social ethics and moral values involves integrating ethics education into the curriculum, fostering open discussions on ethical dilemmas, encouraging service-learning projects for community benefit, introducing established codes of ethics, and providing opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. 


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Over the years, Career Point University has earned several accolades for playing a dynamic
role in elevating research and the learning process of the institution.

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A thriving university infrastructure for computer application and technology studies encompasses state-of-the-art laboratories, specialized research centers, and high-performance computing resources, fostering hands-on learning and advanced research. Collaborative spaces and innovation hubs encourage interdisciplinary cooperation and entrepreneurial pursuits, while digital libraries provide easy access to an extensive range of academic resources. Strong industry partnerships facilitate real-world exposure and practical experience, complemented by multimedia facilities and maker spaces for diverse skill development. The presence of well-equipped auditoriums and conference rooms further promotes knowledge exchange, establishing a comprehensive environment for study, innovation, research, and development in the realm of computer applications and technology.

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