CPUEST for B.Tech

Certificate Course on Web Development Using PHP

About the Course This course has been designed with the coding beginner in mind or those who may have picked up bad habits and wish to refresh their coding skills and anyone who already knows the beginning of PHP and goes more advanced. In this course we will start with the fundamentals including designing a Web Page, PHP syntax and variable declaration, objects, arithmetic operators, conditional statements, loops, functions, and arrays and then go more advanced like OOP, MYSQL, Database, Ajax, jQuery, MVC Framework like Codeignator and Project base PHP. So that anyone who is eager to learn will be able to develop the skills about designing a developing a website by his own and to host it on domain.

Sessions during Course Training sessions will be conducted through Zoom. Zoom ID will be shared to all the registered participants. The sessions will be conducted by one of our faculties over 45 of total sessions that will last from  10th June to 25th July, 9:00 to 11:00 AM daily. From 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM it will be open for queries through WhatsApp group.

Training sessions will be comprised of both activities and lectures that will touch upon the following subjects:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • WordPress
  • Woo-commerce
  • CodeIgniter
  Learning Outcome: After completing the course the participants will be able to –
  • Build HTML-based mobile app
  • All PHP Fundamentals and Building Blocks with practical implementation in Projects
  • The students get hands-on experience of how things happen in PHP?
  • The students can be able to understand the concepts of client and server
  • The students are able to perform form handling using PHP.
  • Be proficient with databases and server-side language
  • Be proficient with Ajax and jQuery Tools
  • Be proficient to work with WordPress and Woo-commerce for building e-commerce websites
  • Be proficient to work on Modern PHP Framework like Codeignator along with MVC pattern.
  Rules and Regulations
  • Assignment will be given after each topic.
  • Quiz Assignment will be given at the end of each week.
  • At the end of course one project to will be given to participants.
  • Minimum qualification of 10+ schooling is required for registration
  • Certificates will be awarded to the successful participants after registration and successful payment
  • Participants have to submit a project report for successful completion of the training. After that there will be an exam and students who got more than 50% marks will get certificate
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