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Community Development Cell (CDC)

Community Development Cell (CDC) of Career Point University has been established in collaboration with Dr. Kaushal Kumar, Professor Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Aim & Objective

Community Development Cell, Career Point University, Hamirpur (HP) established in 2016 is engaged in changing the face of rural Backward Panchyat Mehal of Himachal Pradesh through its many fold development schemes, the cell is working in a participatory manner with the rural folks and engaged in the implementation of different rural development and the agencies poverty alleviation.

Community Development Cell (CDC) has three objectives viz economic development, social change and demographic Growth of the whole Panchyat. These objectives are to be addressed jointly and in such a manner that they support one another. It is to develop the resources for the people and to assist each village in planning and carrying out the integrated rural development through :

  • Change in outlook of the inhabitants.
  • Improve existing village handicrafts and small industries and organizing new ones,
  • Provide minimum essential health services and improving existing health practices.
  • Provide required skill to the d children and adults as well as recreational facilities.
  • Improve housing and family living conditions of villagers.
  • Develop a responsive village leadership, village organization and institutions.
  • Help  people that they can increase their income and quality of life.
  • Organize or arranging trainings for voluntary local leaders like members of panchayats, village and block advisory committees etc


To contribute towards empowerment of the women youth and local people( villagers) through agencies of different CDPs.


To capacities the villages for below, healthy safe and holesting development.

University has adopted Gram Panchyat Mehal for the benefit of local people for holistic development of the panchyat. In a Mehal Panchyat, a socio-economic survey has been made by the volunteers of National service Scheme and Community Development Cell. This survey has presented the ground reality of status of education, creativity, awareness towards Governmental policies and health & sanitation of villagers in Mehal Panchyat.

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