Two Degrees

Chance to pursue two Academic degrees simultaneously as approved by UGC/Govt. of India

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Constitution Of Bodies

Sr. NoName of Chairperson/MemberStatusDate of appointmentRemarks
Governing Body
1Shri Pramod MaheshwariChairman19.12.2012 
2.Dr. P.L. GautamMember19.12.2012 
3.Shri Om MaheshwariMember19.12.2012 
4.Shri R.S. ChaudharyMember19.12.2012 
5.Shri Rahul NuwalMember19.12.2012 
6.Col (Dr) Mithilesh DixitMember19.12.2012 
7.Shri  Sanjay Rattan, MLA JawalamukhiMember15.07.2014Member of Legislative Assembly
8.Shri Balbir Singh, MLA ChopalMember15.07.2014Member of Legislative Assembly
9.Shri  S.Nigam, IAS (Retired)Member15.07.2014Government Nominee
10.Prof (Dr) Sunil  DeshtaMember15.07.2014Government Nominee
11.Dr. Sanjeev SharmaMember Secretary19.12.2012 
Term : Two years as per Clause 17 of Statutes.
Board of Management
1.Dr. P.L. GautamChairman19.12.2012 
2.Dr. M.R. SharmaMember19.12.2012 
3.Prof (Dr) A.S. Singha, NIT HamirpurMember19.12.2012 
4.Prof (Dr) P.C. Rhyal, NIT HamirpurMember19.12.2012 
5.Dr. Manish KhannaMember19.12.2014 
6.Dr. Atul KapilMember19.12.2014 
7.Prof. Aparna  Negi, HP UniversityMember15.07.2014Government Nominee
8.Dr. Veppa RaoMember15.07.2014Government Nominee
9.Dr. Sanjeev SharmaMember Secretary19.12.2012 
Term : Three years as per Clause 19 (1) of Statutes
Finance Committee
1.Dr. P.L. GautamChairman12.12.2012 
2.Prof (Dr) A.S. Singha, NIT HamirpurMember12.12.2012 
3.Shri Naval MaheshwariMember12.12.2012 
4.Shri Shailendra MaheshwariMember12.12.2012 
5.Dr. Sanjeev SharmaMember12.12.2012 
6.Shri Vipul Sood, CA, ShimlaMember12.12.2012Government Nominee
Term : Three years as per Clause 25 (4) of Statutes
Academic Council
1.Dr. P.L. GautamChairman19.12.2012 
2.Dr. M.R. SharmaMember19.12.2012 
2.Dr. Kamaljeet Singh, HP UniversityMember19.12.2012 
3.Dr. Kamlesh Dutta, NIT HamirpurMember19.12.2012 
4.Dr. Sanjeev SharmaMember Secretary19.12.2012 
5.All Heads of DepartmentMember19.12.2012 
6.Controller of ExaminationMember19.12.2012 
7.Dean Student WelfareMember19.12.2012 
8.Two representative of teachersMember19.12.2012 
Term : Two years as per Clause 21 (b) (iv) of Statutes.