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Entrepreneurship Development (ED-Cell)



ED Cell CPU is with a purpose to bring together people with a common interest in Entrepreneurship and develop the skills of these young aspiring students. ED Cell CPU is a Non-Profit student organization that aims to promote entrepreneurship among the young generation of our nation through education, research and training. ED Cell acts as facilitator and resource institution to motivate, guide and help prospective and existing entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial endeavours/efforts through positive training interventions.



To Ignite the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in the youth and help them develop their entrepreneurial skills.


Members ED cell – Department wise faculty in charges with contact details.

Ms. Richa Gulati (Coordinator)

School of Commerce & Management
Gmail :richa.gulati@cpur.edu.in

Ms. Shalini Chawla (Member)

School of Computer Application
Gmail : shalini.chawla@cpur.edu.in

Dr. Sandeep Kumar (Member)

School of Commerce & Management
Gmail : sandeep.kumar@cpur.edu.in

Mr. Ravi Ranjan (Member)

School of Commerce & Management
Gmail : ravi.ranjan@cpur.edu.in

Members ED cell – Department wise Studentsin charges with contact details.

Deepak Kankariya

School of Commerce & Management
Cont.:6367800694 -

Mahak Jain -

School of Commerce & Management

Mohammed Amaan

School of Pharmacy

Mustafa bakhtawary

School of Computer Application

Deepak Kankariya

School of Commerce & Management
Cont.:7727028880 Khumesh Prajapati- School of Commerce & Management -


START-UP JUNCTION (Bringing your Ideas on Track)

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell at Career Point University, Kota conducted an activity named “START-UP JUNCTION- bringing your ideas on track” on the 8th of April, 2023. Providing all the students of our university a chance to present their business ideas in front of an expert jury panel and get a thorough examination of their plan.
Out of the 9 final plans which made it to the stage for this activity. The plan most admired was of Luv Chauhan (k23485) from the MBA and Khush Chauhan (k15917) from BBA + LLB, they became the winner for this activity and Kashish Talwani (k21968) from BBA were the runners-up for the same.

Brand Makeover Competition

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell at Career Point University conducted a Brand Makeover Competition on 2 March 2023. The objective of the competition was to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation by developing a new brand identity, designing a new logo and tagline, and creating a marketing campaign that included social media posts and print advertisements.
The activity received an overwhelming response with a total of 56 participants who registered for the competition.
Due to the high number of registrations, the committee decided to announce the first 10 best logos and taglines.The activity was coordinated by Deepak Kankaria (K21721) of BBA Part II (Sem III) and Mahak Jain (K21731) of BBA Part II (Sem III).

The Journey (Reflection of an Entrepreneur)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Career Point University had conducted an activity “The Journey (Reflection of an Entrepreneur)”, to showcase reflection of your favorite Entrepreneur.
This thoughtful activity witnessed healthy participation from the University of around 25 participants. It gives immense pleasure to announce that - Divya jain ( K21888) from the Management department was the winner of this activity and Kashish Talwani was the winner for the same .

The ED Cell organized various training programmes and guest lectures with industry experts in the field of entrepreneurship. These training programmes aim at nurturing the young minds about the various avenues of entrepreneurship like innovation, idea generation, pitching of ideas, funding sources, various government schemes for funding, government permissions, etc. These training programmes are also offered to students of other colleges.


Support to Startup

Startup Oasis

(A Joint Venture of RIICO & CIIE – IIM A)

Startup Oasis is a Jaipur based incubation centre that is developing an ecosystem in Rajasthan to inspire and support students, aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to solve persistent problems, develop breakthrough innovations and create world class enterprises.

Startup Oasis has been set-up at the joint initiative of RIICO and the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIM Ahmedabad


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