CPUEST for B.Tech

Fee for Students

Fee for Students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh

SNCourse NameBranches / SpecializationAdmission Fee (One Time)Tuition FeeExamination FeeDevelopment FeeCaution Money (One Time)
1Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering (DE)Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering500032000300040003000
2Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering (Lateral Entry – Admission in 2nd Year)Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering500032000300040003000
3Bachelor of Engineering (B.Tech)CS | EE | ME | Civil | AI/ ML | Data Sc | Electric Vehicle | Renewable Energy | Robotics & Automation | Automotive System | Applied Robotics | Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence | Data Science


4Bachelor of Science – Information Technology (BSc-IT) 500019000300030003000
5BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) 500019000300030003000
6BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)HR, E-Business & Digital Marketing, International Business, Logistic Management500021000300010003000
7BBA+LLB (Integrated) 500021000300010003000
8B.Com (Hons.) – Bachelor of Commerce 500018000300010003000
9D.Pharma (Diploma in Pharmacy) 5000420003000100003000
10B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 500035000300080003000
11BPT(Bachelor of Pshyotherphy) 500054000300080003000
12B.Sc (Agriculture) 500026000300060003000
13B.Sc.(Maths/Biology) 500020000300030003000
14B.Sc  (Hons)Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology500020000300030003000
15B.Sc (Nutrition & Health Sc)Nutrition & Health Science500021000300030003000
16B.Sc.-B.Ed (Integrated)Maths/Biology5000380003000100003000
17BA (Hons)Public Administration, Geography, History, Political Science, International Relations, English, Rural Studies500014000300020003000
18Bachelor in Hospital Administration 500019000300030003000
19B. Optom (Optometry Technology) 500045000300050003000
20BPH/ B.Sc in Public Health 500021000300030003000
21B. Sc (Medical Laboratory Technology) or BMLT 500045000300050003000
22B. Sc (Medical Image Technology) or BMIT 500045000300050003000
23BSc  (ECG and EEG Technology) 500050000300030003000
24M.Tech. (Civil Engineering)Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering & Management, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering500046000300040003000
25M.Tech (Computer Science & Technology)Computer Science Engineering, Mobile Computing, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering500046000300040003000
26M.Tech (Electrical Engineering)Electrical Engineering, Power System Engineering, Control & Instrumentation500046000300040003000
27M.Tech (Electronics & Communication)Electronic & Communication Engineering, Digital Communication Engineering, VLSI Design, Embedded System, RF & Microwave Engineering500046000300040003000
28M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering / Internal Combustion & Automobiles Automobile Engineering, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering/Production Engineering, CAD-CAM Engineering, Renewal Energy Technology500046000300040003000
29PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application) 500016000300010003000
30MCA (Master of Computer Application) 500024000300020003000
31MCA (Lateral Entry – Direct Admission 2nd Year) 500024000300020003000
32M.Sc. (Information Technology) 500024000300020003000
33PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)Marketing, HR, Finance, Interior Designing, International Business, Agri-Business Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Health Care Management / Hospital Administration, Estate & Infra Management500050000300020003000
34MBA (Master of Business Administration)Marketing, HR, Finance, Hospital Administration, Interior design, International Business, Agri-Business Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management in association with Safeducate, Banking & Capital Market in association with FLIP, Family Business Management & Entrepreneurship500052000300030003000
35M.Sc. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) 500023000300020003000
36M.Pharma (Master of Pharmacy)Clinical & Hospital Pharmacy, Hospital Administration, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Therapy Management, Retail Operations Management500030000300030003000
37M.Sc.  (Agriculture)Agronomy, Horticulture, Forestry, Genetics & Plant Breeding500026000300040003000
38M.Sc. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany500023000300050003000
39M.Sc. [Environment Science]Environment Science500024000300030003000
40MA (Education)Education500026000300020003000
41MAPublic Administration, Geography, History, International Relations500026000300020003000
42MSW Social Work500016000300010003000
43M.Sc.Medical Lab Technology / Medical Lab Technology (Pathology) /Medical Lab Technology (Microbiology) Medical Lab Technology (Biochemistry), Radiation & Imaging Technology500033000300030003000
44M. Optom.Optometry Technology500033000300030003000
45MPT (Master of Pshyotherphy) 500075000300080003000
46MPH (Master of Public Health) / M.Sc in Public Health 500048000300020003000
47MHA (Master of Hospital Administration) 500048000300020003000
48B. Lib.[Bachelor of Library Science & Information Technology] 500016000300010003000
49M. Lib.[Bachelor of Library Science & Information Technology] 500017000300010003000
50LLB 500016000300010003000
51Post Graduate Diploma in LawCriminology, Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Labour Law500011000300010003000
52L.L.M.Company & Corporate Law, Tort & Crime, Intellectual Property Rights, Labour Law, International Law500010000300010003000
53M.Phil (Master in Philosophy) (All Subjects) 500028000200020003000
54PhD 182000 – 320000
Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering
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