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Music Club (DA-MUSE)

Music gives a soul to the universe, Wings to the mind, Flight to the imagination and Life to everything!

We in Da-muse Club of Career Point University move towards the path of the stupendous energy of music. You can express emotions like sorrow, joy, love, anger, hope, nostalgia, thankfulness with the help of music.


Da-muse club inspires the students to understand their emotions and articulate it in an artist way which enhances their talent and skills.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide an opportunity to the students who are serious about their passion for music and singing.
  • To encourage the students who relate themselves with art more than anything else and promote their talent.
  • To cover big days like Immix and Cultural Night within this club and conducting celebration programme with the club’s students for the whole university.
 The general objectives of the Music Club are
  • To engage musically talented/experienced students in club’s activities
  • To maintain the progress in their musical skills throughout the academic years
  • To bring the theoretical knowledge obtained in music courses into practice
  • To develop organizational skills in students through creating bands and managing concerts
  • To foster leadership skills in students through practicalities of musical performances
  • To develop critical listening and analyzing skills, and enhance the enjoyment for music
S.NoName of MemberDepartmentDesignationContact No.Email id
1.Mr. Anubhav Galav (Co-ordinator)School of Agriculture SciencesMember anubhav.galav@cpuniverse.in
2.Dr. Abid Hussain(Member)School of Computer ApplicationsMember abid.hussain@cpuniverse.in
3.Mr. Arshad HussainSchool of Computer ApplicationsMember arshad.hussain@cpuniverse.in
4.Ms. Nasreen AnssariSchool of Basic and Applied ScienceMember nasreen.anssari@cpuniverse.in
5.Mr. Ravi MahourSchool of Agriculture SciencesMember ravi.mahour@cpuniverse.in
6.Dr. D.K. Shriwas School of Basic and Applied ScienceMember ---
5.Mr. Luv Gupta School of Basic and Applied ScienceMember luv.gupta@cpuniverse.in
5.Ms. Asha Nama School of Agriculture SciencesMember asha.nama`@cpuniverse.in
  • Parul Sharma, BPT.
  • Nakul Bhatnagar, BBALLB
  • Mitali Chowdhary B Tech (CSE)
  • Om Sugandhi, B Pharma
  • Pradhyumn Sharma, Agriculture.

Some Glimpses of the activities :