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Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) programs provide a comprehensive education in pharmaceutical sciences over three years. Covering areas like pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and pharmacy law, students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills vital for roles in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. Practical training through internships and rotations in real-world settings enhances students' professional competence and prepares them for their future roles as pharmacists.

Graduates of B.Pharm programs enter diverse careers in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and academia. They contribute to safe medication use, health promotion, and pharmaceutical advancements. Options for further specialization through postgraduate studies like M.Pharm or Pharm.D enable them to deepen their expertise and broaden their impact on patient care and public health.

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Scope of B. Pharma Lateral Entry

  1. Pharmacy Practice: Pharmacists work in various healthcare settings, offering medication counseling and ensuring safe drug usage.
  2. Clinical Research: Opportunities in monitoring clinical trials and ensuring compliance in research organizations or pharmaceutical firms.
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry: Roles in manufacturing, quality control, regulatory affairs, and drug safety to ensure compliance and efficacy.
  4. Drug Development: Conducting research to create and enhance medications and drug delivery systems.
  5. Sales and Marketing: Promoting medications to healthcare professionals and managing product launches.
  6. Pharmacovigilance: Monitoring and reporting adverse drug reactions to ensure medication safety.
  7. Academia and Research: Pursuing further education and research in academia or research institutions.
  8. Government and Regulatory Agencies: Working in drug regulation, policy development, and enforcement.
  9. Consultancy Services: Providing expertise in regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and business development.
  10. Entrepreneurship: Starting pharmacy or pharmaceutical-related businesses, such as medical store, Repacking Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry.

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Eligibility & Fee Details

For Indian Students : Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) or equivalent

Course Fee
Admission Fee (one time)
5000/- (at the time of admission)
Tuition Fee
39000/- Per Semester
Examination Fee
3000/- Per Semester
Development Fee
8000/- Per Semester
Caution Money (one time)
3000/- (Refundable)

Scholarship Criteria

Based on performance in qualifying exam

% in Qualifying Class [1]Scholarship on Tuition Fee
Above 90%20%
85% – 89.99%10%
75% – 84.99%5%
  • Early Admission Benefits Upto Rs. 3000/- Admission Taken Before 15th July 2024
  • Scholarship in Tuition fee (for all 6 semesters): up to 20% based on academic performance.

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Why Join B. Pharma Lateral Entry?

Joining a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) program can be a rewarding choice for several reasons:

What makes Department
of B. Pharma Lateral Entry unique?

The uniqueness of a Department of Pharmacy can vary based on factors such as its mission, focus, resources, and innovations. Here are some aspects that can contribute to making a Department of Pharmacy stand out:


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Frequently Asked Questions

B. Pharma Lateral Entry at Career Point University

What are the eligibility of B.Pharm Lateral entry?
Condidate who have pass Diploma in Pharmacy with 50% marks.
Does the course B.Pharm follow semester or annual system?
Semester system
Is there any Uniform for these courses?
Yes, students are required to wear College Uniform in routine Academic days.
Course curricum of B. Pharm?
B.Pharm is semester mode. Each semester conains 5 to 6 subjects. Each semester divided internal exam and Main exam. Internal exam 25 marks but main exam 75 marks, total 100 marks.
Is there any entrance exam for B Pharm and D. Pharm?
A candidate can take direct admission to universities.
What are the opportunities after B. Pharm?
After finishing B. Pharm successfully in pharmacy, one will be registered as pharmacist by PCI (pharmacy council of India). One will receive a license to open a medical store & one can practice as registered pharmacist. After B. Pharm, there are various opportunities for students; they can either go for higher studies like M. Pharm, MBA and M. Sc. or they can go for jobs in the pharmaceutical industries, chemical companies, marketing, R & D, F & D, member of PMT (M.B.A requires), Clinical Research, Drug inspector and Drug Analyst , Academic Institutes, Entrepreneurship, etc.
What are the employment opportunities available after pharmacy courses in government sector?
In India, there are many employment opportunities available after pharmacy courses in government sector like pharmacist in govt. Hospitals, Railways, ESIC, Army, Drug inspector, Drug controller officer and Drug analyst in govt. Laboratories and many more.
What is the salary range for after pharmacy courses?
In India, there are many employment opportunities available for aspirants who completed their Pharmacy education. The salary in this profession varies from company to company. The starting salary for a fresher in this field can be Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month in India. After gaining an experience in this field, you can earn approx Rs. 9 to 12 Lakh per annum. In abroad the starting salary could be anywhere between $15000 to $25000 per annum.
What are the overseas career options after pharmacy?
B. Pharm graduates can choose to fly overseas and make their career bright by scoring well in GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc entrances they can pursue M.S, MBA and other pharmacy related courses in US, UK, Australia etc.
What is the eligibility for B Pharm (Lateral entry)?
A candidate pass D. Pharm. course with 50 % marks from an institute approved by Pharmacy council of India under section 12 of the Pharmacy Act can take admission directly in B. Pharm 2 year.
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