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B. Tech in CSE

(Computer Science & Engineering)



The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, established in 2012, has earned a reputation for attracting top engineering talent nationwide. Our mission is to cultivate skilled Computer Engineers and professionals equipped to meet the needs of both industry and society.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, we support a dynamic academic environment conducive to research and extracurricular activities. Our faculty members, possessing extensive qualifications and experience, are dedicated to fostering the holistic development of our students.

We prioritize practical learning and offer a range of workshops, invited talks, and seminars to enhance both technical and soft skills. Throughout the semester, students receive specialized assistance in Technical Training, Soft Skills, and Aptitude.


University's Accomplishments and Impact


Placement So Far

66 Lakhs

Highest Package




Patent Published


Research Publication


National & Int'l Journal

Trust of more than, 10,000 Students

Salient Features

  • Industry-relevant credit based curriculum designed by experts
  • Project based experiential learning
  • Technical workshops & master classes by industry experts
  • Hybrid leaming in association with world’s leading universities & corporate leading to global certifications
  • Global Immersion Program
  • Credit transfer facility to complete degree in international universities
  • Soft skill development for modern workplace
  • Dedicated Training & Placement Cell
  • Vibrant Campus Life

Scope of B.Tech in CSE

  • CSE offers some of the highest paying jobs not only in India but also outside.

  • The global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030 to reach USD 1,811.8 billion by 2030.

  • The global edge computing market size is expected to reach USE 157.91 billion by 2030.

Admissions are Open for B.Tech Courses for Session 2024-25.

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Your Department in a Nutshell

Admission Criteria

Fee Details

Course Fee
Admission Fee (one time)
5000/- (at the time of admission)
Tuition Fee
54000/- Per Semester
Examination Fee
3000/- Per Semester
Development Fee
8000/- Per Semester
Caution Money (one time)
3000/- (Refundable)

Scholarship Criteria

Based on performance in JEE (Main) / 12th Board performance

%ile in JEE Main% in Class
Scholarship on Tuition Fees
Above 95%Above 95%50%
90% – 94.99%90% – 94.99%40%
85% – 89.99%85% – 89.99%30%
80% – 84.99%80% – 84.99%20%
75% – 79.99%70% – 79.99%15%
70% – 74.99%60% – 69.99%10%
  • Early Admission Benefits Upto Rs. 5000/- Admission Taken Before 15th July 2024
  • Scholarship in Tuition fee (for all 8 semesters): up to 50% based on academic performance.

Record Breaking Placement

Why Join Computer Science & Engineering?

The scope of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is extensive and dynamic, offering diverse career opportunities in technology, entrepreneurship, research, and cross-disciplinary applications. With the increasing demand for digital solutions across industries, CSE professionals are well-positioned for success and innovation in the ever-evolving field of technology.

What makes Department
of Computer Science & Engineering unique?

A Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department is unique due to its interdisciplinary nature, rapid evolution, diverse specializations, hands-on learning approach, collaborative environment, focus on problem-solving, attention to ethical and social implications, and global impact. These factors collectively distinguish CSE departments and contribute to their significance in academia and industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering at Career Point University

What is the duration of the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering program at Career Point University?

The B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering program is a four-year undergraduate course at Career Point University.

What makes the Computer Science & Engineering program at Career Point University unique?

The program stands out for its innovative curriculum, experienced faculty, focus on digital transformation technologies, industry integration, and a commitment to holistic student development.

How can I apply for the B.Tech in Computer Science program at Career Point University?

To apply, visit the official website, create an account, fill in the application form, upload required documents, pay the application fee, and submit the application online. Ensure all details are accurate before submission.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission to the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering program?

Eligibility criteria typically include completing 10+2 with a minimum percentage in relevant subjects (such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). Specific criteria may vary, so check the university’s admission guidelines.

Is there an entrance exam for admission, and how can I prepare for it?

Career Point University may conduct an entrance exam. Prepare by reviewing relevant subjects from your 10+2 curriculum, practicing sample questions, and staying updated on general knowledge related to the field.

What career opportunities are available after completing the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering?

Graduates can pursue diverse careers, including software development, data analytics, network management, cybersecurity, and more. The program is designed to make students industry-ready for various roles in the technology sector.

Are internships part of the curriculum, and does the university assist in placements?

Yes, the program encourages internships to provide practical exposure. Career Point University has strong industry connections, facilitating both internships and placement assistance for students.

Can I specialize in a particular area within Computer Science & Engineering?

While the program covers a broad range of subjects, there may be opportunities for specialization or elective choices within specific areas. Check the curriculum and consult with academic advisors for more details.

What kind of infrastructure and facilities are available for Computer Science & Engineering students?

Career Point University provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, including modern laboratories, advanced computing facilities, and technology-equipped classrooms to support hands-on learning.

Is there a research component in the program, and can students engage in projects?

Yes, the program encourages research initiatives, and students have opportunities to engage in projects that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.


Is there a strong alumni network, and how can it benefit students?

Yes, Career Point University has a supportive alumni network. Alumni can provide guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities, enhancing the overall student experience.


Can I get involved in extracurricular activities while pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering?

Absolutely. Career Point University values holistic development, and students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities, clubs, and events to enhance their overall skill set.

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